Courage earrings


By combining different natural materials, we have created a magnificent ensemble that is at the same time graceful and eye-catching! Courage is a combination of cool and strong tones combined with a steel metal ring.

The Kanto x Alohair jewelry collection has been made in collaboration with blogger Sanna Kettunen and is a charity campaign. It´s limited edition and 50% of the jewelry’s profits will be directed to Mieli ry’s activities.

Material: Stainless steel, genuine freshwater pearls, clam shell, natural stone, glass beads and opalite.

Size: Metal ring diameter 2cm

Design and production: Sanna Kettunen/ Alohair


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In stock

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Kanto x Alohair jewelry collection has been created to show support for those struggling with mental health issues. We all struggle sometimes and our goal is to bring gentleness, courage and joy in the form of jewelry. The color scheme of the jewelry is inspired by Kanto Design's clothing collection and the materials have been carefully selected based on their name. 50% of the profits from the jewelry are directed to Mieli ry to help with mental health work! Let's be merciful to ourselves!

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