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Kanto Design – bold and unique clothing brand

Kanto Design story started in 2018 when its founder Iida Kanto started creating a clothing brand that meets her values. Company offers unique and timeless clothes that are made in Finland. 


The company values are the fact that products are made in Finland, ecology and what the clothes represent. All Kanto Design clothes are made responsibly in Finland using only ecological and high quality materials. At least as important is the deeper meaning of the clothing. The clothes are designed based on a topic that’s important and it needs to show in the clothes as well. 


The company mission is to create courage and confidence to all the magnificent women out there! It means to design not only clothes but the meaning behind them. The idea is to design favourite clothes that shows positivity and confidence. 

Iida Kanto


Company founder / designer



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Olen Iida Kanto, lähtöisin Lapista, mutta kotiutunut Vantaalle. Olen 30- vuotias äiti, vaimo ja Kanto Designin perustaja.

Kanto Design – uusi urbaani mallisto, jolla on tärkeä sanoma.

Proud to be – Kanto Designin uusi mallisto

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